January 24, 2017 ❬ Back To Current Month

Now that 2017 is here, we're all ready for a change in our closets. And one of the easiest (and most fun) ways to spice up your wardrobe is with fresh color. You needn't do anything drastic. It's just an evolution of the colors you love season after season. We'll show you how they transition from May through December—what's new for now, plus a sneak peek at spring. It's everything you need to know about how color makes its mark.

The lightness and watercolor qualities of summer's shades grow deeper as we head toward autumn and then into winter's pine-tree hues. When February comes, it's time for a shot of lime (to remind us that it's warm somewhere) and a happy shade of tropical green.

Here, we echo the gorgeous pinks, blushes and purples that we see in our gardens. In summer, it's a delicate rosy lilac paired with a poppy pink. As we move toward fall and winter, the shades darken (along with the leaves) and end with the berries. Grapefruit gives our February palette a pop.

As the light shifts in the sky from season to season, so do the shades of blue. We go from summery brights to the dusky hues of fall to the clear, crisp blues of winter. February offers up both deep Indigo and sharp Lapis, to signal a change in tone.