February 13, 2017 ❬ Back To Current Month

It's the season of love. Embrace it! There are so many ways to share the feeling (we suggest a heartfelt gift). And so many ways to say, "You make me smile."

We've put together a very special (limited-edition, of course) collection of gifts to celebrate Valentine's Day. Although, each piece is so adorable, we wouldn't blame you if you wanted to wear it all year long.

Are you fluent in the language of roses? It's an ancient art and one that can help you express your true feelings...if you know the code. Here, a quick guide to choosing the color that matches your message.

Seriously, was there ever any doubt? Red is the color of passion. Red is a symbol of love. And, of course, red looks good on everyone. So whether it's an intimate dinner, a romantic walk in the park or a special show—wear red!

If you're near New York City, there are lots of places tailor-made for a Valentine's Day date—everything from romantic restaurants to epic shows to the natural splendor of Central Park—but every town has its own special spots. Make plans.