As a chapter in our Summer Style Story, we asked you to tell us about your personal style hero for a chance to be featured on our site (and win a sweet prize!). Congratulations, Anna Bui, you're our lucky winner! From inspirational advice about clothing to self-taught style savvy, read on to learn about Anna's style icon—her very fashionable mother.

1. What makes this person the most stylish person you know?

"My mom is the most stylish woman I know because she is creative and resourceful. She grew up during the Vietnam War and had 10 siblings. Money never came easy for my mother; however that never stopped her from looking polished and classy. She taught herself how to sew and tailored her own clothes. The task of transforming a vintage piece into something special was always a thrilling challenge. She knew that she never needed flashy outfits to stand out. My mother's understated elegance was fashionable all on its own."

2. What's your favorite memory of the person/favorite thing to do together?

"Besides shopping together, watching movies is our favorite activity to do together! We both have wild imaginations so we love fantasy movies.

My favorite memories of my mother are at family gatherings when she has a little too much wine. She's conservative by nature so I love seeing her act silly and let loose. Listening to her tell really really bad jokes is always entertaining."

3. What influence have they had on your style?

"'Love only the clothes that love you back,' is a rule my mom swears by. Learning to recognize clothes that accentuate your features is the foundation of being stylish. As an adult I still follow this lesson from my mother and seek out clothes that fit my petite frame like a glove.

She also inspires me to experiment with fashion and have fun with it. The key to developing personal style is the freedom to express your personality. Every now and then I borrow items from her closet just to see what looks I can recreate and make into my own."

4. If you had to describe their style in two words, what would it be?

"Simple & Sophisticated."