Your incredible passion and generosity last spring has helped over 20,000 women. And we want to say thank you. Each time you made a monetary donation, or brought in a gently used wear-to-work item to our stores-or bought something from our O, The Oprah Magazine collection, you helped Dress for Success open the door for a woman re-entering the workforce. The Dress for Success Open Door Project asks that we keep doors open to all women by sharing a story of someone that has helped you succeed. We all have someone who opened the door for us. Below, we asked two women that inspire us to share their stories. Share yours so we can make sure that all women have a chance to succeed! Nineteen years ago, Nancy Lublin, the founder of Dress for Success, opened the door for me. I was fresh out of Law School and working as an Assistant District Attorney in NYC, when I saw a Good Day New York segment about Dress for Success. Shortly after that, I visited the Manhattan location to donate suits and that's when I met Nancy. She encouraged me to get involved and I quickly became a member on the Board of Directors. Nancy and I worked together with one mission in mind and that was to empower women to achieve economic independence. In 2003, Nancy Lublin left Dress for Success Worldwide in my hands and thanks to her I found my true purpose in life. Joi Gordon, CEO of Dress for Success Worldwide. Share your story about the person who opened a door for you at #opendoorproject. When I first met Dionne Binns, I had no idea how much my life would change. I met Dionne at one of the Steve Madden meetings in downtown Manhattan. As soon as she saw me she introduced herself as Dionne who worked with Dress for Success. She told me about some of the other meetings she ran at Dress for Success and asked me if I'd like to attend a Going Places Network meeting. I of course, was open to it all. I started attending the meetings and eventually started volunteering on Saturdays so that I can learn more. Dionne took me under her wing by mentoring me and quickly became that friend that I needed in my life. As women we have a difficult time trying to fit into a world where we may feel judged and alone like we don't fit in. Dionne Binns literally gave me a life that I realized I could build for myself. Dionne came to me one day and told me that there was a job opportunity she thought I would be a good fit for it. She taught me to want more for myself because she believed in me. I never had that growing up or even later on in life. Dionne helped me from scratch and I got the job in customer service. I am forever thankful to her for believing in my and giving me the tools I need to get the job done. The most important step was the interview. I learned my passion for the fashion world and she gave me my first pair of good quality shoes. She gave me a pair of Tory Burch black pumps and I knew I would conquer anything from that day forward. Not only did I now have the right pair of shoes, but I realized the confidence that I can and should have in myself. Dionne taught me the difference we can really make in someone else's life when they least expect it. Maria Kambitsis, Dress for Success Graduate.