December 06, 2017
Talbots style secret: Pins that pop! Pin your heart on your sleeve, hat, belt, scarf, handbag, even an updo! Of course, a brooch always has a place on your lapel, but take a tip from our Talbots stylists and try it in a more unexpected place. A pin adds color, shine and personality in a spot you never knew needed it! A corsage on sweaters. Accents for accessories. A hat is instantly more glamorous with a sparkly something, a scarf is that much more stunning...a handbag or belt is now suddenly more haute. Accents for accessories. The more the merrier. Double up brooches for added personality and style. Try two of the same pins stacked, or mix pins and the placement. Anything goes. The more the merrier. Pin a present. Top a holiday gift with a pin instead of a ribbon - she'll adore it long after the holiday is over! Pin a present.